Remake Invasion reRepresents

We are proud to present the first edition of Remake Inv.’s reADULT reCOLORING reBOOK which is copyrighted work by Slovenian authors Aja Vesna Ginovska and Jur Samec.

About a year ago Mrs. Tina Djinovski stimulated the stay-at-home creator (me) with an idea to finally make something available of the meticulous illustrations. She said: »Make a sexy Adult Coloring Book, this is so in

And we did it in a very old school way (the only way I know). The illustration were hand remade into coloring templates, using only markers, window glass and tracing paper and finally scanned. So here we have the first edition printed on particularly selected paper so you can use markers not only pencil crayons. Each illustration is on separate sheet with note space on the verso and four colored postcards are included. We also have a Story behind the project, it will be presented to you on You are all kindly invited to join the remaking.

Jur & Aja


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    • Tanja
    • November 16, 2016

    Superb book. Beautiful ilustrations. Something new.

  1. Reply

    Will be a hit of 2016 holiday shopping ;)))

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